Umenie srdcom

About the project

Project „Umenie srdcom“ – (art with hearth) was set up in order to promote people producing products with high amount of hand- work. Each piece is original and unique. We look for artists and producers according to their products, which mirror their feelings and their abilities. We try to visit artists at home, in their atelier in order getting know them personally. Each one is an unique person with specific abilities and knowledge.


We are often surprised, how much offer and ingeniousness is needed, until particular articles arise.


Therefore it is totally different holding in hand product speaking to your soul. Its beauty is result of the master’s preciseness and accuracy and mostly, it shows us, how the master can handle with his abilities. 


Try the feeling to hold in hand a peace of work produced with hearth having its own spirit. It is not possible to describe this feeling with words....





Fair trade
when purchasing our products, you support traditional producers and our effort to find another producers, those production arises from the hearth. Our price making arises from fair condition towards producers and from open relations. Our aim is to support the producers and to widespread joy from offered products.